How Millennials Work & Working With Them

Millennials constitute a significant portion of today’s workforce and population. It is likely that if you are not a Millennial yourself, you work with them. They have many similarities to their predecessors, however, they are also somewhat different. In any event, understanding how millennials work will help you to more effectively work with them!

Millennials and their superiors

Research conducted by GenHQ found that the leader and mission that Millennials work for is even more important to them than their compensation – to a certain extent of course. While great leaders can have a tremendous impact on Millennials and their productivity, bad bosses are the #1 reason why Millennials leave their jobs.

Millennials will respond best to leaders who act more as coaches than as bosses. Generation Y thrives in environments where they feel like leaders are helping them to grow and achieve their career goals. Therefore, leaders who are truly invested in the development of their Millennial employees will find that they are giving their job their very best effort.

Leaders who communicate and collaborate often with employees will find that Millennials are more fulfilled, driven and productive in their area of expertise. Once-a-year performance reviews are not enough.

How Millennials communicate

Millennials, as you might expect, are highly visual learners. When training Generation Y, utilize well made Power Points, videos and info graphs to get your message across.

Millennials are also accustomed to communicating through digital messages such as text messages or messaging apps like Slack to coordinate work with their team. Contrary to popular belief, Millennials aren’t just glued to their phones as they also enjoy communicating face-to-face with fellow co-workers.

When Millennials communicate with co-workers and bosses, they excel in a collaborative environment. They prefer to work with you, not for you. By collaborating often and effectively, Millennials will feel that they are making a true impact and contribution to others.

Millennials want a life, not just a job

The most important outcome Millennials hope to achieve isn’t just to work their 8-hour shift, clock out and go home. They want to make a difference in the lives of others! They hope whoever they work for has a mission and they want to feel like they are helping to accomplish that mission.

Millennials also hope that work will help them to learn and grow in all aspects of their life. GenHQ found in the study previously mentioned that Generation Y wants to work for companies that invest in training and growth opportunities and programs.

These budding young professionals want a life and not just a job. One of the ways they feel like they can accomplish this goal is by splitting up their time between working on and off site. NBC News recently mentioned a study conducted by Gallup which found that optimal employee engagement occurs when employees are allowed to spend 60-80% of their time working remotely.

Through effective collaboration and innovative strategies you can help Millennial employees to achieve optimal engagement, productivity and success.


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.