How to Rank Your Community Higher on Google Maps

Improving your ranking on Google Maps will make your apartment community more popular in your local area. This article will describe the 7 best ways to improve your ranking and appeal to more prospects!

Improve Rank With Google My Business

The best way to improve your Google Maps ranking is to create a business listing on Google My Business. As part of your listing, it is vital to include the following information:

1. Business Location. Add a business location that is consistent with the location found in other places on the web. Otherwise, Google’s algorithms will treat you as a business that is not trustworthy, thus lowering your ranking.

2. Business Hours. Accurate business hours also help your business to appear more trustworthy.

3. Local Phone Number. According to Thrive Hive, “Google looks down upon toll-free…numbers because these types of numbers are frequently used for spam.” Add a phone number that matches your local area code.

4. High Quality Pictures. Martin Canchola of Apartment SEO reported that “Most Google Listings that take the top spots usually have about 20 to 40+ images uploaded into their Google Listing.” The better looking these photos are, the more popular your listing will be. Include pictures both of community amenities as well as the inside of a few of your units.

5. Google Reviews. Enable and manage your Google Reviews. Be sure to respond to both negative and positive reviews. For tips on how to manage negative reviews, check out our article in the Learning Center! As you gain more and more positive reviews, your ranking will improve.

6. Categorize Your Business. Google allows you to choose a primary industry category. In addition you can add up to five other categories. Utilize these categories to incorporate local SEO keywords like “Gilbert apartments” or “Arizona apartments.”

7. Embed A Google Map. Embed a Google Map of your listing on your website on the contact page to boost your credibility as a helpful business.


Qualify as one of the highest ranking apartment communities in your area by creating your listing with these 7 strategies in mind!


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.