Radically Revamp Your Social Media Presence

About seven in ten people actively use social media in the U.S. More than 90% of Facebook users and nearly 80% of Instagram users check their feeds each week. In order to reach the maximum amount of current and future residents as possible, it is essential that your community has an active, engaging social media presence! Let’s check out a few simple ways you can radically revamp your community’s social media accounts.

Marketing with Social

Social media is becoming an ever more powerful marketing tool in today’s world. Here we’ll take a  few snapshots of how effective multihousing marketing might look for you!

Periodically post pictures of your units and community areas. Keep in mind that your posts will likely look different on different social media sites:

  1. On Facebook you might add a paragraph of info about pricing, special discounts, unique features of your units, etc. rather than one or two highlights. You might even use current followers to market for you. Post a picture of a beautiful apartment and write “like and share if you would live in this apartment!”

  2. On Instagram the most important part of your post is the picture, so make sure it looks good! Also remember to use a few great hashtags, but not any that are too long or hard to read. Using hashtags that are generic such as #gilbert, #tempeapartments, or #greatdeals will make it easier for your apartment to come up on search.

  3. On Snapchat you can take short videos to give “virtual tours” of your apartments or highlight your amazing amenities.

These of course are just a few ideas to spur your creativity. The possibilities for social media marketing are seemingly endless!

Engagement with Social

Social media is great tool to foster community engagement and resident retention. Here are 4 ways you can get “raving fan” renters:

  1. Staff Highlights. Find creative ways to highlight staff members. Residents will quickly become more connected with staff as they learn more about them. You might make staff posts in the following ways: a short bio, a picture of an employee and the new baby they just had, a post praising what a good job a certain staff member does, etc.

  2. Instagram Contest. Have renters take pictures of their Christmas trees, tag you in their posts and then give the winner a gift card plus a featured post on your account. This type of contest could easily take any number of forms and will even be good marketing for you!

  3. Hashtags. Create unique hashtags for your community and invite renters to use them! Examples include hashtags for your property name, some humorous ones, and even ones for events like your #summerbbq2k17

  4. Ask questions. Make a post about roommates and invite renters to “comment your funniest experience with a roommate” or invite  them to “share this post of you think [such and such].” Again, there are many variations.

Your Area with Social

People love other people who are helpful and solve problems. Be helpful by highlighting the area you live in.

  1. Features. Is there a great hike or popular attraction near your community? Post about it to help your renters out!

  2. Events. Maybe there is a big concert, new movie or rodeo coming to your area soon. Let your community know! You might even go so far as to warn them if inclement weather is coming in the next few days.


Purposeful, consistent social media use will skyrocket your success as you market to future tenants and meaningfully connect with current residents.


How do you use social media to market and encourage community engagement? Join the conversation!


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.