Is Valet Trash Service a Good Idea?

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Valet trash services are becoming more and more popular in apartment communities throughout the country, but not without some backlash.

Apart From The Crowd

Many Valet Trash Companies claim that their services set you apart from other communities by offering door-to-door trash pickup. It is a great amenity that some are even willing to pay a little extra for. It has been found that valet trash bolsters resident retention. We’ve all seen the guy trying to drive his car to the dumpster with a few trash bags on his windshield. Many companies offer additional services like cleaning Pet Stations and getting rid of pet waste or litter on the property.  These extra services can enhance the appeal of your properties.

Pickup can be arranged for 3 to 5 days a week, but some will come more frequently. A few even provide their own receptacles.

Following Protocol

One potential challenge with valet trash service is enforcing proper protocol. How do you get residents to put their trash out at the right time? How do you make sure they bring their bins back in? What do you do if a resident puts their trash next to the door and it’s not even in a bin? You will need to anticipate these types of concerns, and think of ways to address them.

Selective Participation

Most “valet” communities handle their trash service by requiring a small monthly fee from each resident. However, this gets a little tricky when some residents want to opt out of the service. Some would rather take out their own garbage than pay to have someone else do it. You will want to give your residents time to prepare before introducing this service.

One Man’s Trash is…Now Another Man’s Trash

Some residents and property managers worry about the potentially negative effects of valet trash service. Just take a look at this Huffington Post article from 2012, about challenges with the service in the D.C. area. For some people, trash should remain out of sight, out of mind. And with the heat of Arizona summers, those valet cans are likely to get a whole lot smellier.

Valet trash service can be an extremely convenient amenity that you can provide to your community. It can be a great selling point in brochures and in the leasing office. But there are also some things you need to be aware of before going head over heels. Contact AMA-approved trash collection companies by visiting our Vendor Directory.


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.