Step Up With Health & Wellness Programs

Company wide Health & Wellness programs have been proven to increase employee productivity and reduce health care costs, including lower insurance premiums. Whether you’re just a handful of onsite staff or a large management company with many employees, the following ideas will help you focus on your team’s fitness and reap the rewards!

How to Institute Your Company Health & Wellness Program

A successful health & wellness program focuses on healthy habits and activity both in and out of the office!

Health & wellness in the office.

1. Educational Seminars. Host educational seminars periodically to teach employees how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Bring in a cook to demonstrate healthy recipes, a personal trainer to share some general physical fitness tips, etc.

2. Onsite Motivation. Consider creating a wellness whiteboard where employees can write down their health goals for the week and encourage each other. Perhaps during company meetings you can review the progress of others, share the achievement of goals and provide motivation to keep up their active lifestyle.

3. Provide Helpful Resources. Send out emails or newsletters with helpful articles, infographics or other resources to motivate and educate your employees about healthy living.

4. Make it Fun. Institute a Workout Wednesday or provide onsite resources or classes for employees to workout, get fit and socialize with coworkers.

Health & wellness out of the office.

1. Contests. Engage in weight-loss or walking contests outside of the office. Fitbit provides cutting edge wellness programs that allow businesses to organize individually or in teams to compete in wellness challenges. Fitbit trackers monitor and report the activity of all employees so that companies can review results and plan to achieve fitness goals.

2. Make Wellness a Social Activity. Encourage workers to form a team and join a local sports league or subsidize the cost for those who choose to participate in a local 5K, triathlon or Ragnar race. Employees will get fit and develop lasting relationships with coworkers.

3. Support Ongoing Education. Subsidize the purchase of personal development courses or books. The more educated your employees are, the more they will be able to accomplish. They will feel more empowered about themselves, increase their productivity and brighten their attitude.

4. Incentivize Health Goals. Offer incentives such as extra days off, cash or gift cards to those who meet health goals like losing a certain amount of weight or quitting smoking.


How do you inspire employees to lead an active lifestyle? Join the conversation!


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.