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arizona adre pass rates

At the most recent quarterly meeting with Arizona Real Estate Commissioner Judy Lowe and members of the Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA), the issue of property management content in CRE classes was discussed. As part of that conversation, the issue of exam pass rates was raised, prompting a Freedom of Information request to the ADRE by the AMA.

The AMA has now received the pass rates for all real estate schools in Arizona for the year 2016 and for January 2017. The following is what we have gleaned from the documents about exam pass raters for just the month of January 2017.

Arizona School of Real Estate & Business

The Arizona School of Real Estate & Business is the largest such school in the state, with 288 exams taken in January. First time takers of both the sales and brokers exams had a pass rate of 73 percent.

Arizona Academy of Real Estate

The second largest school, defined by how many individuals took exams, was the Arizona Academy of Real Estate. That school reported a broker pass rate of 60% for first time takers, and a sales associate pass rate of 72 percent. The overall pass rate for all exams taken in January for this school was 52 percent.

Hogan School of Real Estate

In southern Arizona, the Hogan School of Real Estate posted a pass rate of 100% for the broker exam and 84 percent for associates.

Tucson School of Real Estate

The Tucson School of Real Estate posted a pass rate of 57 percent for sales associates taking the exam for the first time, and a pass rate of 46 percent for those who repeated the exam. No students from this school took the brokers exam in January

One month of test scores do not accurately reflect the success rate of a school, so the AMA will now be tracking exam pass rates on a monthly basis. That information will be printed in the Apartment News moving forward. For a complete set of ADRE documents with pass rates for all real estate schools in Arizona, please contact Valarie Waldvogel at the AMA at


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