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The Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) brings value to many different groups, one of these being its associate members. Associate members – more commonly referred to as “vendors” – support the association through dues and volunteerism and, in return get access to valuable management company contacts. Associate Member Council (AMC) was established by the AMA to help educate associate members on the many ways they can get involved and maximize their membership benefits.

Throughout each year, associates are invited to attend quarterly AMC meetings, hosted by a different management each meeting. These are excellent opportunities to network with fellow AMA members and to share insights into doing business within the association. In addition, these meetings are usually held at some of the Valley’s hottest new apartment communities. Attendees will be treated to an overview of AMA programs and upcoming events as well as a presentation by the hosting management company on how to do business with them.

Over the years, AMC attendees have enjoyed raffles, giveaways, DJ’s, property tours, hors do’oeuvres, margaritas and much more. If you’ve recently joined the AMA or are a long-time member looking to do more with your associate membership, consider attending these meetings.

The next AMC meeting will be held this Thursday, July 20th at 3:00 PM at one of Phoenix’s newest communities, The Muse. If you can’t make it to this quarter’s meeting, check back here for our full write-up of the event.


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