Life of the Party – How to Get Residents to Attend Your Events

Community events are a great retention strategy and a fun way for residents to socialize and enjoy themselves. The trick, however, is getting people to actually attend your events. The following list will help you engage residents and increase their commitment level to attend community events.

1. Use various channels. A few weeks prior to your event, post flyers around the community and perhaps on the doors of your residents. Consider sending an email to all residents or send them a text with a service like Rokitnow a week prior. Don’t forget to utilize social media and create a few posts about the event on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Create a hashtag that residents can use before, during and after your event!

2. Give renters a reason to come. Many residents will need some incentives to get them interested in attending. Letting them know about the wonderful catering, food trucks or snacks could seal the deal for many. Publicize the contests or raffles you’ll have and the accompanying prizes some of the residents will win!

3. Create a poll prior to the event. Engage residents by creating an online poll on your Facebook page or other source. On the polls, ask for residents’ input. Ask on a Facebook post, for example, “We’re trying to decide what kinds of pizza to buy for the upcoming party. Like for cheese, love for pepperoni, and comment for other flavors. We can’t wait to see you on Friday!”

4. Spread the word early & frequently. In addition to your other strategies, one of the most effective ways to get residents to attend your next event is to keep it on their mind. Give renters plenty of notice so that they can put it on their calendar and remind them frequently so that they don’t forget.


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.