Q&A: Changing the Towing Industry

An interview with Ryan Broseman, Sales Manager, Kwik Tow


Q: How did you and Ron Steele get into the towing business?

Ron came from the restaurant industry and I was working int he flooring industry. Ron was approached first about building a towing business and he asked me to join. He set out to change the towing industry.

Q: How is the Kwik Tow approach different than other companies?

Ron came to me with hopes of changing the image of the towing industry. Our business plan was to get managers’ opinions on how they see towing and and how a partner company could provide the service the way they needed it. We asked apartment managers questions about the process and service and based on their feedback and ideas, we mapped out a business plan to meet the needs of apartment communities.

Q: What feedback did you get from managers or customers that changed your business?

We have received all sorts of positive feedback and referrals from residence services. We’ve added additional services to meet their needs like free manager tows, red curb painting, and relocating for paving projects. Towing doesn’t have to be just for violations, we are working to help improve on-site operations where we can.

Q: How does Kwik Tow help keep multifamily communities safer?

Towing is one of the most invasive things a manager can do on property besides eviction. We go to great lengths to document, photograph, and consult before we tow anything off of a property. We provide night patrolling and maintenance for continuing assistance in keeping properties clean. We look for abandoned vehicles and we can tow them away and help to deal with this issue, which ultimately helps to keep thieves out. Being a member of the AMA’s Project S.A.F.E. has also given me great insights into what’s happening in communities and talking about parking lot safety.

Q: How has technology changed the towing industry over the years?

When I first started, I was the driver, the dispatch and the release agent. I was also working long hours and worked 6 days a week. As we have grown, we have added staff including dispatchers, a fleet of tow trucks and drivers along with the best towing software system. The new technology allows us to track all tows, where the tow trucks are, and the properties. Today, community managers can log in with real time information and pictures and we can track tows and share back information with our customers. It’s safer and more efficient.

Q: You have been very involved and very generous with the AMA Big Hearts campaigns over the years. How has the AMA helped you to build the Kwik Tow business?

The AMA is one of the best things that could have happened for our company. We joined the AMA early on and have stayed active on a number of committees and projects.

Kwik Tow has graciously accepted the task of donating a vehicle every year to the Big Hearts raffle. It truly brings joy and heart felt warmth to our company knowing that we are able to help so many families out. We have the AMA to thank for this wonderful opportunity.


This interview was originally published in the April/May 2017 issue of Apartment News, the official print publication of the Arizona Multihousing Association. To order copies of this magazine, contact the AMA.

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