From Tributes to the halls of the Legislative Branch

Our AMA members are major employers who operate across the state. As the industry has continued to grow, our economic impact and employment base have grown too. Regulations at the state and federal levels hit our members’ companies immediately, and in a variety of ways.

This year, advocacy efforts at the national level focused on tax reform and prevention of frivolous lawsuits. Here in Arizona, our efforts are focused on reducing undue regulation which too often has the unintended consequence of increasing the cost of housing for families. We continue to monitor cities around the state for invasive or unnecessary regulation or taxation. This vigilance and proactive advocacy remains at the core of the AMA’s mission and value for our members.

The AMA also brings members together to network, grow their businesses and celebrate the success of members and their employees. Training programs in Phoenix and Tucson allow staff members to elevate their skills and earn professional certifications. In May, we will come together to celebrate the achievements of the top professionals in our communities and the volunteer efforts of stellar members. We also recognize the progress and impact of individual developments in our community that stand as models for impressive design, enhancements in amenities, and overall impact on the larger area. We’re fortunate to have developers who are introducing new apartment communities that add to the lifestyle and value of an area, and look great.

I hope you and your team will join us for the Trade Show and Tributes this year. This gathering of 1,400 plus members of our industry isn’t just inspiring, it’s fun!


This letter was originally published in the April/May 2017 issue of Apartment News, the official print publication of the Arizona Multihousing Association. To order copies of this magazine, contact the AMA.

Tom Simplot