5 Ways to Modernize Your Business Center

More than ever, a growing percentage of America’s workforce works remotely – at least some of the time. For this reason, a growing number of America’s renters are looking for apartment communities that feature state-of-the-art business centers. They expect more than a few old computers running Windows XP, which is why we’re here to discuss some of the features your modern business center should include.

How to modernize your business center

1. Business center or social center? The Chicago Tribune reports that business centers are becoming more of a social environment than they have previously been. People now see business centers as places where they can collaborate, study, work and socialize with others. For this reason, business centers should feature more tables and lounge areas than small cubicles.

2. Computers. While a majority of renters will use their laptops in your business center, it would be wise to have at least one or two computers for those who don’t own a laptop. You can appeal to teens and children by installing iPad stations or a computer with games and learning tools for kids.

3. Tech appliances. One of the principle needs of a business center is a printer and a shredder. Few renters have either, because they can be a lot to lug around and they expect their apartment to have them available for use.

4. Speedy Internet. Fast internet and WiFi are an absolute must. GigaVive, an AMA-Approved WiFi vendor, reports that WiFi is the #1 amenity requested by renters!

5. Conference Rooms. While business centers are becoming more social, there is still demand for small conference rooms where private or focused business can take place. Put a large TV in the conference room that is connected to a computer or that allows residents to stream content from their phone or laptop through the TV screen.

There are many ways to revamp your business center and add meaningful value to your residents. Start with these ideas and see where your creativity leads you next!


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