3 Streamlining Apps For Property Managers

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Increase productivity and landlord-tenant relationships with these helpful apps

Property managers are extraordinarily resourceful. But when your sphere of responsibility increases, the way you do business must rise to meet increasingly complicated  needs. Thankfully there are now more solutions than ever to help you manage your property (or properties) with ease. Check out these efficiency-boosting apps that will help you do your job even better.

Happy Inspector

Whether you are a manager completing routine inspections or preparing for a Section 8 HQS inspection, checking units in your community can be both time consuming and tedious. The associated paperwork can easily be lost, damaged or eaten by one of the residents’ dogs. The creators of Happy Inspector claim that their app can help property managers save up to 80% of their time completing unit inspections. Happy Inspector helps you quickly create inspection forms by providing a plethora of templates as well as unique customization options, so your forms can be effortlessly tailored to your needs. 100% offline use of the app makes it convenient to complete inspections on your device whether or not you have WiFi or cellular data available. Happy Inspector  offers some pretty nifty features, including the ability to take inline photos from the app, make comments on individual items, writing eSignatures and emailing tenants copies of the inspection forms. Check out more details about the app here!

AppFolio Property Manager

Looking for an all in one solution to help you manage all of your obligations? Look no further! AppFolio claims on its website that it can “manage it all.” This app features convenient solutions such as managing online maintenance requests, collecting rent online, and even texting important updates and info to your residents. Built-in Screening and Online Applications make it easier for potential residents to become current residents. The app even has features that simplify vacancy posting and prospect tracking. Manage anything from accounting to maintenance on AppFolio for a price of $1.25 per unit / month. Be sure to check out their website here!


multifamily multihousing buildium appBuildium features many similar options as AppFolio for a cheaper price for those with 100 units or less. Although Buildium offers more of a ‘nuts and bolts’ platform, it still hosts great features such as Online Payment solutions, Maintenance Requests, Accounting and Financial solutions, as well as Resident Screening and Leasing Applications. Buildium even has helpful transition material that assists property managers as they switch software. Learn more at Buildium’s website!

Taking advantage of the technological resources at your disposal will help you to be a cut above the rest as you save both time and money!

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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.