3 Ways to Make Pop-Ups Powerful

When most people think of pop-ups, they think of pesky intrusions on their online experience. However, when used appropriately, pop-ups are extremely useful! For example, 30 Lines, a digital marketing company specializing in the apartment industry, reports that their clients who use pop-ups convert 75 – 250% more leads than those who don’t. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks to utilize pop-ups to gain the most amount of leads as possible!

Tips for mobile pop-ups

At the start of this year Google announced that it would make some changes to how it ranks sites who use pop-ups on mobile devices. Some would say to avoid pop-ups completely now; the truth is that you only need to know how to use them correctly on mobile devices.

30 Lines gives a few tips for using mobile pop-ups correctly. They recommend that as a rule of thumb mobile pop-ups should take up no more than 1/4 of the screen. Google wants to help users find what their looking for in the quickest and clearest manner, so they only punish sites that use intrusive pop ups, like ones that take up the entire screen. Floating bars and pop-ups that respond to user clicks are popular alternatives to invasive ones.

Types of pop-ups to use

On any device, pop-ups can be used for a plethora of purposes. The following contain a few of the effective pop-ups your website could use:

1. Chat. A live chat feature will not only help visitors quickly find what they are looking for, but also provides a way for you to set up further contact, via email, phone or in person.

2. Offer Tours. Display a pop-up inviting prospects to view a live or online virtual tour, or to attend a physical property tour. Such a tactic will help you gain contact information, gauge commitment level, and help prospects along the path to rent.

3. Contact Staff. Show a pop-up that will allow visitors to contact the onsite manager or a leasing professional. Insert a space where they can write their email address or phone number, so that a staff member can reach out to them when available.

4. Subscriptions. Pop-ups that invite prospects to give you their email address in exchange for a subscription to your blog posts or to emails about new availabilities in the community is an effective way to keep you on their mind.

How to make pop-ups the most effective

Pop-ups, if used correctly, will attract more interested prospects. If used incorrectly, they will push more and more people away from your website. Here are a few ways to make your pop-ups the most effective:

– Display a pop-up on the second page view, rather than the first

– Show a pop-up after a visitor has scrolled to the end of the content

– Make pop-ups specific and relevant to what visitors are most likely looking for

– Slide in a pop-up after a visitor has scrolled through a certain percentage of a page

– Display a pop-ups when the user signals intent to exit the page. This will catch the user’s attention and keep them on your page.

– Many websites have found success by delaying a pop-up for 60 seconds after users get to your site

– Add a great image or picture to your pop-ups. The better they look, the more trustworthy they will appear


Pop-ups are a surprisingly effective method to obtain more leads and drive prospects to your leasing office! There’s no time to wait. Take advantage of helpful pop-ups as soon as you can!


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