The Rise (and Fall) of the Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs have always been a problem during the summer months. This can be attributed to the large amount of travel occurring throughout the country as families start to take off for vacations, visiting family, hitting the beach, etc. Unfortunately, with all of the fun comes the risk of bringing bed bugs home with you. It doesn’t take much for an infestation to quickly take hold in your home or apartment home. While Bed Bugs aren’t life threatening, they can definitely be a nuisance. In Arizona, the laws set in place to protect tenants and property owners alike can quickly become just as annoying as they are helpful.

Luckily, Burns is here to help! Compared to visual inspections, a K-9 inspection is vastly more accurate in detecting  bed bug infestations as they have the ability to “sniff out” the pheromones that these annoying little critters leave behind. This improves the detection rate to around 90% when the K-9 is properly trained and allows for a quicker response time to get rid of the infestation. Couple that with a heat remediation treatment and bed bugs quickly disappear. This can be very helpful when a tenant moves out and you are expecting to move new tenants in. We can come out and inspect the unit to ensure that the new residents aren’t moving into a nightmare if the previous resident did not report any activity or simply was unaware of a bed bug presence.

Burns Pest Elimination is proud to announce that we now have a K-9 inspection team in Tucson! Contact us today if you would like additional information at 602-971-4752 or visit Burns online. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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Adam Greco
Adam Greco is a the commercial sales manager at Burns Pest Elimination and Phoenix chair of the Associate Member Council.