Move-Out Survival Guide

Moving out of an apartment can be just as stressful as moving into one! There seems to be a higher degree of turnover during the summer months, so it’s a perfect time to evaluate your strategy for providing your residents with an easy, flexible move-out experience.

Before Move-Out

On the day your residents move out they will be rushed, hurried, and ready to get on their way. It is vital that you provide them with all the info they need well before the day they leave. Schedule a final inspection with your residents and advise them of the permitted moving hours. Let them know where moving trucks can be parked and provide them with a flexible move-out schedule.

After Move-Out

After your renters move out, send them an email with a questionnaire about their experience at your community. Questions might include “why are you moving?” “If you could change something about your time with us, what would it be?” and “What was your favorite part about living here?”

Additionally, make it easy for renters to review you online by adding links to Google reviews, your Facebook page, etc. The addition of such links will make it much more likely for renters to review your community and, if you’ve helped them have a great move-out experience, they will speak highly of you! For the rare times that renters leave a negative review, check out our tips for how to respond here!

No matter the reason why your renters are moving out of your community, giving them a positive move-out experience will benefit your community with great reviews!


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.