MC Residential ranked one of AZ’s best companies

Arizona-based MC Residential was recently recognized as one of the “best medium companies to work for in Arizona” by Top Companies to Work for in Arizona, a statewide program sponsored by Republic Media.  The annual contest seeks to pinpoint the companies which obtain the highest rankings of employee satisfaction and engagement.

162 of MC Residential’s 283 employees work here in Arizona and report being highly satisfied with the company they work for. MC Residential encourages their workforce to lead an active, healthy and passionate lifestyle by providing such services as personal training, nutrition seminars and meditation classes.

MC Residential additionally places a high emphasis on improving the community at large by volunteering. Recently the company supported Arizona Helping Hands to provide school supplies for children in need. The company reports that volunteering develops teamwork, employee skills and strengthens the relationship between them and the community.

Lesley Brice, President of MC Residential, said that “receiving this recognition two years in a row really shows that our efforts to build positive relationships and experiences with every single employee is worth the investment.”

MC Residential is committed to helping employees, investors, residents and the community at large to achieve “the good life” in every aspect of their day to day living.


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.