Get Writing! – Blog Tips for Communities

Blogging is a powerful way to connect with others. Starting a blog on your community website will increase your SEO ranking and establish a meaningful relationship with current and future residents. The all important question then, is “What should we write about?”

7 Things to Write About in Your Blog

1. Top things to do in your area.

AM Digital recommends that you create a list article, or “listicle” that highlights the top things to do in your area. Write about the 5 best restaurants, 7 best running/walking routes, 4 top entertainments venues, etc.

2. How to enjoy a weekend at your community.

Such a post could talk about how to utilize your wonderful amenities, great meals they could cook, Netflix shows they should watch, how to play fun games in their apartment, build a fort with their kids, etc.

3. Apartment living tips. 

This type of post might give advice such as “how to save on utilities,” “interior design tips,” or “how to care for pets in an apartment.”

4. Dating ideas for your area.

Come on, who isn’t looking for good date ideas? Discuss a few of the creative and most enjoyable date ideas for your neighborhood or city.

5. Get to know the onsite staff.

Write a paragraph about and include pictures of each member of the onsite staff. Include info about where each team member is from, what they like to do, their favorite foods, what their job responsibilities are, etc. Have fun with it and be creative!

6. Community outreach.

Whenever your community participates in any type of service project, blog about it! People love to see that you are a community that is making a difference in the lives of others. For ideas of service projects to participate in, read our article, “Retain Residents by Serving the Community.”

7. Miscellaneous topics. 

Write posts that are humorous or deal with entertainment topics. Write an article about which movies your residents should see this weekend. Write about how to make a killer Halloween costume. You could even make a few posts about motivational topics: How to not waste so much time on Facebook, how to set goals and follow through, or how to resolve conflicts with others.

Attract, engage and retain the people you care about by starting your own community blog today!


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Taylor Fish
Taylor is a staff writer for Multihousing Friends and a student at Brigham Young University.