5 reasons to check out the AMA’s Lyceum program

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If you’ve been involved with the Arizona Multihousing Association for any length of time, you may have heard of the association’s Lyceum leadership program. Closely mirroring the National Apartment Association (NAA) program of the same name, AMA Lyceum seeks to train future leaders. Here are 5 reasons to check it out:

1. Lasting professional relationships

The AMA Lyceum program is divided into 4 days, spread out over a year. Each one of these full-day “sessions” is experienced with the year’s full group of class members. From a team-building exercise and personality assessment, to a trip to the state capitol and community service project, participants spend a lot of quality time with their fellow classmates. This, combined with other interactions at AMA events and education offerings help to build long-lasting professional relationships.

2. Community outreach and service

Each year’s Lyceum class participates in a community service project, usually in conjunction with an AMA-supported charity or outreach group. This service project is an excellent opportunity for the AMA to showcase its philanthropic efforts, which underscore many of the events held by the association. Plus, the projects are a blast and provide participants with yet another way to bond.

3. An expanded understanding of the AMA

The Arizona Multihousing Association is a large and complex organization, with committees, subcommittees, task forces and hard-working staff all working in tandem for the betterment of the state’s apartment industry. AMA Lyceum gives participants a full understanding of what it takes to keep the association running and, more importantly, how they can contribute to these efforts.

4. Chance to connect with government affairs

Another significant aspect of the AMA’s work involves advocating for the multifamily industry in the Arizona state legislature. Day 2 of the Lyceum class involves a trip to the Arizona state capitol. Participants are treated to a tour of the capitol along with a special Q&A session with select governmental officials who deal with rental housing legislation. The AMA’s lobbying firm, Capitol Consulting, also provides participants with insight into their efforts.

5. Future leadership opportunities

The knowledge and skills gained throughout the 4-day program can be used in any participant’s career. And it’s no secret that graduates of the Lyceum program act as a pool for potential leadership in the AMA. The program is designed, in part, to prepare participants for a myriad of leadership roles including committee chairs, task force participation and board membership.

To learn more about AMA leadership opportunities, including Lyceum 2018, contact Michelle Rill with the AMA.


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