4 Features Every Fitness Center Needs

Recent research performed by the National Apartment Association (NAA) has shown that fitness centers are the most popular amenity upgrade and one of the highest rent revenue boosters. With health awareness on the rise among Americans, it’s a perfect time to consider how you can revitalize your fitness center.

Fitness Center Design

The physical appearance of your fitness center is increasing in importance. Modern pictures and motivational sayings on the walls will attract more renters and get more people to work out. Take a look at the flooring, mirrors and other physical aspects of the fitness center to see how you can add meaningful value to its aesthetic appeal.

Machines & Equipment

Treadmills, stationary bikes and multi-use machines will remain popular in your fitness centers. Consider how you might add unique equipment to your gym. Install climbing or battle ropes to provide renters with a unique workout for their whole body. Install a salmon ladder or peg board for an exciting (and tough) alternative to pull up bars and climbing walls. Unique equipment will help you stand out in the eyes of current and future renters!

Body Weight Space

Body weight exercises are becoming ever more popular because they are inexpensive, require limited or no equipment and are highly effective. For example, yoga studios or areas are now being offered in cutting-edge communities. Purchase wobble boards, exercise balls, foam rollers and exercise bands to provide residents with many options for body weight exercises.

Get Fit, Get Social

One of the most enjoyable aspects of getting fit is that you don’t have to go at it alone! There are so many opportunities for you to help your residents get fit and get social.

Consider installing a whiteboard in your fitness center that gives residents space to write down their name and their new personal best (with whatever exercise they’re doing). Host a weight loss contest or a daily step contest and give a reward to the winner. Invite all residents to participate in an upcoming 5K and enter all participants into a raffle for a prize. Offer spin, yoga, zumba or other classes in your fitness center. Hire someone to teach the classes or install a large TV or projector and play workout videos at certain times each day.

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What upgrades have you made to your fitness centers? How do you help residents to stay fit? Join the conversation!


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