3 Easy Ways to Trick Out the Leasing Office

People make a ‘first impression’ judgement in a split second. For this reason, potential renters can rapidly make a judgement about your community as soon as they walk through the doors of your leasing office. Improving the type and quality of foliage, lighting and color scheme found in your leasing office will attract more residents and give off a fantastic first impression.


In her recent article in the NAA’s Units magazine, Janice Nath states that “Humans have an innate connection with nature — referred to as biophilia — that directly affects our happiness and wellbeing.” Prospective residents will quickly feel happier and more relaxed at the sight of foliage in your leasing office. The better their mood, the better the chance of them joining your community.

Adding plants or living green walls to your leasing office can also have quite the aesthetic effect: foliage adds a beautiful, modern look that is especially pleasing to all of us desert dwellers.

In addition to creating a much more attractive office, foliage will improve the quality of the air, absorb toxins and reduce energy costs.


Another ‘biophilic’ improvement you can make to your office is considering the quality of lighting that is present. Natural light, just as greenery, is a mood booster that adds a vibrant element of energy. A study conducted by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) showed that among nearly identical stores of a chain retailer, those with a greater amount of natural light — provided by skylighting — reported 40% higher sales than non-skylit stores.

Natural light is thus proven to increase both staff productivity and consumer-willingness to purchase. Consider ways to increase the amount of natural light in your leasing office; it will contribute to the health and happiness of those who enter. It will also attract more residents to your community!


Considering revamping your office’s color scheme? You may be surprised to learn of the effect that color can have on individuals. According to Yelena Moroz Alpert of Real Simple, color affects spending habits. She says that “retailers carefully select the colors they use in an effort to get you to loosen your purse strings.” Following is a list of the messages that certain colors are sending to your prospective residents:

  • Black – Sophistication, Elegance, Authority.

  • Blue – Trust, Dependability, Relaxation, Security.

  • Orange – Fair, Affordable, Playful, Energetic.

  • White – Simplicity, Purity, Cleanliness.

  • Green – Health, Freshness, Growth, Nature, Money/Wealth.

  • Brown – Stability, Relaxation, Mother Earth.

  • Yellow – Energy, Warmth, Excitement, Fun.

  • Red – Act Now, Excitement, Passion.

Depending on the audience you are trying to reach and the messages you want to send, you can utilize color — on the walls, the floor or the furniture — to customize marketing to meet your needs.

What have you done to trick out your leasing office? Share your thoughts and pictures with us!


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